One Keepable Cap, Lots Less Bottles

One of the worst social constructions of the modern world is the plastic bottled water – so says I. According to intrepid designer Adam Robinson, 3 billion of these bottles are consumed annually in the UK, 80% of them being sent not to the recycling plant, but to the landfill. In response to these and other terrifying numbers, Robinson’s created a cap for bottles. Not just any cap, one that you can use over and over again. Clarity in tap water, that’s what these caps offer. Clarity.

This projects makes it clear that using tap water instead of purchasing new bottled water is not only right, it’s fun to do. Why? Because saving the world is fun, that’s why! But also because these caps offer you selections of different flavors, energies, or vitamins.

This cap has a unique push-and-twist action that allows it to fit on almost any plastic water bottle in the world. Then there’s the gelatin-based liquid tab within the cap: it dissolves quickly in the water, before you drink it, to offer up your desired effect.

It’s a water revolution, in a nice cardboard box.

Designer: Adam Robinson of Plus Minus Design

Just Add Water sustainable design bottle cap to combat plastic waste by Adam Robinson of Plus Minus Design