One Keepable Cap, Lots Less Bottles

One of the worst social constructions of the modern world is the plastic bottled water – so says I. According to intrepid designer Adam Robinson, 3 billion of these bottles are consumed annually in the UK, 80% of them being sent not to the recycling plant, but to the landfill. In response to these and other terrifying numbers, Robinson’s created a cap for bottles. Not just any cap, one that you can use over and over again. Clarity in tap water, that’s what these caps offer. Clarity.

This projects makes it clear that using tap water instead of purchasing new bottled water is not only right, it’s fun to do. Why? Because saving the world is fun, that’s why! But also because these caps offer you selections of different flavors, energies, or vitamins.

This cap has a unique push-and-twist action that allows it to fit on almost any plastic water bottle in the world. Then there’s the gelatin-based liquid tab within the cap: it dissolves quickly in the water, before you drink it, to offer up your desired effect.

It’s a water revolution, in a nice cardboard box.

Designer: Adam Robinson of Plus Minus Design

Just Add Water sustainable design bottle cap to combat plastic waste by Adam Robinson of Plus Minus Design





  • Andrew says:

    I don’t understand why this is any better than just filling up a regular bottle with a regular lid.

  • Amanda says:

    That’s nice and all but it’s completely ignoring the fact that in some places we use bottled water because tap water is not apt for consumption. Also, it seems to me that it really doesn’t offer advantages over using a regular bottle and if you want flavor, you can always drink juice or something. I don’t mean to shut down creativity but it just doesn’t seem all that helpfull.

  • nccwarp9 says:

    I found this idea to be very interesting.
    Cedevita has on the market its CedevitaGO which is basically a bottle of water with its Powder in the cap. When you turn it opens up and powder drops into the water and you have a refreshing cedevita beverage.
    Love the idea except the storage capacity should be increased.

  • Yuuta says:

    So the cap is reused, but you toss the bottles? Because you can’t keep reusing bottles similar to the one used in the demo, the weak plastic deteriorates and imparts strange tastes over time. Not to mention with all the ridges on the bottle and the small mouth hole cleaning it is nearly impossible and eventually germ build-up will make it unsafe to reuse.

    Or you get a reusable bottle to fit this cap on, except that good quality water bottles already come with a sturdy lid. In fact there is already a working solution to the water bottle problem, Nalgene bottles or similar.

    Also, the liquid flavour tab is a one-use gimmick so there’s not really a point in adding it to a sustainable design. Unless the real point of this design is to sell the additive tabs, which judging by the last pictures, it is(the cap is cheap, but the money is made by selling the tabs). In that case, it’s insulting use “saving the world” as a preface to sell water flavourings.

  • nccwarp9 says:

    Well .. its not insulting to say saving the world in this case.
    Case in point!%201.jpg

    No reuse.

    Here, at least the bottle is reused. Actuality, bottle is not used at all as its not part of the design. Bottle can be, old cola bottle etc.

    • Yuuta says:

      Reusing the bottle or not is not really the issue. Like I mentioned above, there already exists a solution to the water bottle problem. The cap seems less about saving the world than it is about selling flavour tabs(the designer even makes a point of this in a post below).

      All bottles come with a cap. Is there any good reason why we can’t use that cap instead of buying this one? There is, so you can “add value” to tap water, which translates into “buy water additives”.

      You remove the flavour tabs from this equation, and there is little point in buying a separate reusable cap(the reverse however, is not true of removing the cap from the flavour tabs as the designer also points out). If you are optimistic though, the gelatin tabs by themselves might help change the habits of those who constantly buy bottled water.

      As far as saving the world by reducing plastic bottle waste goes, we can already do that without this cap. Buy a Nalgene bottle and if you fancy, vitamin/flavour mixes to add to the tap water ourselves. A Nalgene or such bottle will never have to be tossed like a cola bottle or etc. (either because of accumulated bacteria or wear and tear) and it’s way easier to wash in comparison.

  • C says:

    how does this compensate for variation on bottle neck threading… not all bottle screwcap threads are the same, even if the diameter is the same the thread pitch is different resulting in loose fit and leakage… doesn’t seem like the nozzle/plug would be effective either, no tension or tightening from the screwtop pushing it down and you get leakage.

  • Tom Eales says:

    Hi Guys,

    As one of the designers on this project I just wanted to clear a few things up with the design;
    The cap and gelatin tabs are the product here, the bottle is an existing one that you may already own.

    To illustrate the environmental benefits a product like this brings over simply buying bottle of water again and again consider this, if you take an empty bottle and fill that half full of oil, that is the least amount of oil it has taken to get that bottle to you and thats before we start to consider the issues of transporting these bottles around the world.

    For those who believe plastic bottles break down, leaching chemicals and strange flavors in to your drinks, this is nothing but incorrect and the fact some people insist on purchasing new bottles each time because of this simply adds to the problems this product seeks to solve.

    Yes there are areas of the world where tap water isn’t safe to drink, I regularly holiday to France and the area I visit most regularly is like this.
    What the article doesn’t explain is that a variety of gelatin tabs would be available that add flavor, energy, carbonation and purification.
    Personally for me, carrying around perhaps 5/6 of these gelatin tabs in a pocket with a small empty bottle I could fill as I go along would be significantly more practical than having to carry around the equivalent amount of “pure” water in many bottles, and again we come back to the environmental savings the product brings to this situation too;
    what’s more damaging to the environment, one re-usable bottle top that delivers a variety of drink types or 2, 4, 8, 10 bottles of water/drinks?

    How does it compensate for variations in bottle necks? As that is the area of the design covered by copyright, design rights and the area most suitable for patent application thats not something we can discuss on this site.

    Hope that clears up some of the confusions, cheers guys.

  • Tom Eales says:

    Hi again guys,

    Just had a few more thoughts to help clear up any confusion and add detail to the original article;

    To answer your questions, the bottle caps would be resable again and again.

    Once you have fitted one of the caps to a bottle the top section (the green part) can tighten creating a seal so no drink is lost, or unscrew to allow users to insert new gelatin tablets. We would propose that replacement packs of these “flavor tabs” be sold alongside the bottle top itself, these can be seen in the image with 4 boxes in it and would be available in a range of flavors, perhaps including, fruit flavorings, energy or carbonation.

    Through this innovative way of adding value to tap water, what is perhaps an unattractive drink to some can be turned in to something else, it’s not quite “water in to wine”, but does bring significant environmental savings.
    The ability as mentioned to add value to tap water sets the product to be licensed very easily to leading brands;
    Lucozade/Gatoraid energy tablets, Ribena juice flavorings, etc.

    In terms of just which bottle it can fit on to, the product has been designed to fit any bottle with a screw-top cap, if there are bottles that it doesn’t fit (in the American market perhaps) that we were not aware of whilst designing the product then it would be a simple task to redesign the product accordingly. For sports bottle with very wide mouths it would be hard to make this product suitable, however thats not to stop people with those bottles just buying the flavor tabs in order to add value to their tap water.

    At the products end-of-life it would of course be recyclable in the same manner that plastic bottles are now.

    Cheers, Ton

  • Zinc says:

    Refilling many types of plastic bottles is bad for your health, because the plastic slowly deteriorates, releasing toxic residues in the water.

  • Zinc says:

    Refilling many types of plastic bottles is bad for your health, because the plastic slowly deteriorates, releasing toxic residues in the water.

  • Cody says:

    because its all about the environment you tit

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