Win A Finnish Design Combo – Magisso Cake Server & Magisso Stainless Steel Kitchen Cloth Holder

Urban Butik, the folks who bring us some classy Finnish design products are here on YD to give you a chance to win a sleek Magisso Cake Server and a Magisso Stainless Steel Kitchen Cloth Holder. To win this fantabulous combo set, simply tell us about 2 occasions when you would cut a cake, besides a Birthday and Wedding Anniversary, and 1 reason why using a dishcloth beats a sponge.


  • Contest open to US and Canada residents ONLY
  • Contest Closes 13th December 11:59 PM PST.

Here’s more info on what you can win:

The Magisso Cake Server:


[youtube: 468 344]

[youtube: 468 344]

Sporting a very unique shape, the Magisso Cake Server is quite the tool for cutting and serving cake. It is made from a single piece of high quality mirrored Stainless Steel, which is cut and bent to give it this distinctive design. It’s been designed by Maria Kivijärvi, a young Art & Design student from Finland.


This is how it works:


By pressing down on the cake with the cake server, you can cut though the cake and make a perfect piece. By lightly squeezing the handle, you can then lift the piece of cake, and release it on the plate.

The Magisso Stainless Steel Kitchen Cloth Holder:


[youtube: 468 344]

The function of the Magisso stainless steel kitchen cloth holder is to keep your dishcloth stored nicely inside your sink. (Not hanging on the faucet and not bunched up next to the sink – now here’s an idea!). It sports a very clean design and uses a patented double magnet system that keeps it in place. This elegant and functional piece is designed by Miika Mansikkamaa, a talented young inventor, designer and entrepreneur.

This is how it works:


The part that resides inside your kitchen cabinet attaches itself to your sink with a strong strip of adhesive, so that it won’t fall. The kitchen cloth holder will “find” the opposite magnet and attach itself to your sink. Magisso is quick and easy to install and will not scratch the sink surface.

Why The Magisso Range?

The Magisso range of products is new to North America and it embodies the Scandinavian mentality of product design; namely simplicity, quality, style & innovation. This is design for generations.
The lineup is brought by Urban Butik, the North American distributor for Magisso. In case you don’t win this; you can go to their web site and find a retailer near you or buy it directly online from their online store.

  • Magisso cake server $59.95US $69.95CAD
  • Magisso kitchen cloth holder $49.95US $59.95CAD


  • heather n says:

    I need a reason to have cake? Really? Well, if I do, I’m throwing my sister a baby shower where we will be having cake and I’ll be having a baptism for my baby where there will be cake.

    As for why a cloth is better than a sponge, simply sponges are bacteria infested things that just spread germs rather pick them. Ick!

  • ikkinlala says:

    Two other occasions on which I’d cut a cake are when I find a new cake recipe I want to try and at the beginning of peach season.

    A dishcloth beats a sponge because it’s easier to keep clean.

  • Rebecca says:

    I would cut a cake at a Mardi Gras party and a graduation 🙂

    You can wash and reuse a dishcloth – way better than a sponge!

  • I prefer a dish cloth over a sponge because I can re-wash them and they last far longer than a sponge and don’t harbor as much bacteria as sponges do. Plus, I just like they way they feel in my hand better than I do with a sponge.

    Two additional times I would eat cake would be for our Fourth of July celebration and cookout, where I make a banana split cake every year and another time would be at Halloween, I usually make a cute little monster cake for the kids 🙂

  • Azim says:

    Dishcloth v. Sponge:
    Dishcloths can be used indefinitely since you can just throw in the laundry. Sponges start to look gross after a few uses.

    I cut cakes when:
    1) Life gets tough and I need to relax with a piece of yummy delicious cake
    2) I find a new recipe that sounds tantalizing and successfully execute it 🙂

  • primosarah10 says:

    I am going to be cutting my cake to celebrate when I graduate from teacher’s college in April, so I’ll definitely need a cake server like this one to show my family and friends how smooth I am 🙂

    Another occasion will be when I celebrate new year’s eve! Every new year should be started with cake, and it’s best to kick off with a smooth start!

    Dishcloths are far superior to sponges. They can maneuver in crevices a sponge simply can’t, and they are much more sanitary too!

    Thanks 🙂

  • Donatas says:

    1. Dessert! Must one really have a special occasion? ;P
    2. Graduation! 2 more years…
    3. Sponges are not as versatile and not as easy to keep clean!

  • MSimone says:

    Cake cutting:
    1. Dinner party, perhaps my current favorite lemon coconut cake!
    2. Graduation, when my partner finishes his degree that he has been working on through night school.
    Dish cloths are preferrable because:
    1. Easy to wash after a few uses, which keeps the kitchen cleaner.


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