DIY Soap

For a moment just forget the device presented here and the technicalities for working it. Focus on the idea; Re-Q is an eco-friendly soap maker that recycles domestic wastewater and the last wedges of used soap to make you a brand new soap bar! Essentially it is a brilliant idea! In a three-step process, the machine purifies greywater, mixes it with soap bits and then processes the mixture into new soap cakes! How radical is that!

Designers: Jung Hwan Song & Kim Jong Won


  • Ray says:

    It takes more than oil to make soap. In my house, not that much oil is used, would take a while to get any usable amount soap.

  • Maryline says:

    I don’t know how soap is made but the concept and the idea is great. We tend to waste things too often and anything that will eliminate waste is worth having.

  • Quintin says:

    Ordinary soap, which is very rarely used these days (as it’s all liquid soap…). Is made by mixing fat and a base solution (high pH), then letting it rest for a few days.

    Liquid soap, like most of us use today is made from other chemicals.

    You should be able to capture these chemicals and mix them back in to soap. just don’t expect to be doing that at home anytime soon…

  • IT Rush says:

    What the, looks like a cd player to me.. hmm, nice thinkin though..

  • Dave says:

    I wonder if the manufacturing of this complex device uses more energy that simply buying an occasional extra bar of soap as needed. In other words, how many bars of soap do I have to use — over which time frame — are required this device pays itself off?

    If it is over three or four years, then you just made the process MORE expensive, resource intensive, and costly than simply buying a super cheap bar of soap when you need one.

  • Vivian says:

    totally agree… It looks like good, but just another useless design

  • Harshit says:

    Excellent Idea!! I must say. Very exiting to know. We were also working on similar concepts and have the technicalities worked out.

    Let me know if you want to take this further and develop a working prototype.


  • Trien Le says:

    so useful,I love it

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