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While some of you design-savvy critics are vocal about your opinions on design, others use their subtle charms to let us know how the DESIGN SUCKS! A lot of products that are currently being sold on the YD Store were once mere concepts and we’d like to know if they were really worth the efforts? Did these products deserve to make it into the physical world or would it have been better left on the drawing board? We want to hear what you think!

Tell us if you love the product, hate the product or are undecided until you have more information. Submit your opinions and we’ll thank you with a 5% coupon off the Yanko Design Store!

The Webble Active Footrest: $149.95

Webble Active Footrest

A movable footrest that rides on four smooth-gliding casters and provides workers with a sweeping 360-degree range of motion.
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Paperboard Picture Frame: $7.25

Paperboard Picture Frame

Paperboard picture frame. For standing and hanging, landscape and portrait.
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Shrine Shoe Rack: $29.00

Shrine Shoe Rack

Wall-mounted fixture, designed specifically for sneakerheads, to display your favorite pair of collectible footwear
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Scent USB Drive: $35.99

Scent USB Drive

Working 4GB USB fragrance dispenser. It provides a fragrance when plugged into a computer.
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Block Lamp: $119.00

Block Lamp

Hand-casted block lamp with electric bulb.
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HangSavvy: $42.00


Eco-friendly hangers made from recycled waste paper. Holds up to 10kg.
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Curve Pet Bed: $200.00

Curve Pet Bed

Wall-mounted pet bed that’s modern but comfy for pets.
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Carga 03 Weekend Bag: $365.00

Carga 03 Weekend Bag

Largest of the Carga collection and holds everything for a weekend getaway or short trip.
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Symbol Coat Rack: $435.00

Symbol Coat Rack

Colored hooks pull out to help you organize your stuff.
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GrowFrame Squares: $12.95

GrowFrame Squares

Photo frames that grow. Powerful magnets, hidden in solid hardwood, allow for modular configurations.
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