Evaporation Cooling for Apples

But more than that, it’s made for all sorts of fruits and vegetables. This lovely unit, eva2o, cools foods with evaporating water. This shall, in an ideal world, facilitate your timely apple consumption. Dennis Cheng, the designer of this fabulous countertop unit, notes that he’s found that in the UK, 1/3 of grocery store food purchased is wasted on average, with 60% of this waste being completely avoidable. Enter the eva2o.

*Sweet facts, yes? Direct all questions to Cheng below!

This unit is a double-walled earthenware body with a rotating glass lid. Operating completely and only through the input of water. As the moisture passes through the earthenware walls, heat is pulled away from the unit, leaving a cooled interior. Constantly!

You put this thang on your countertop.

And bam! Fresh apples.

Designer: Dennis Cheng