Control Your Tea Strength

Ignoring the pun in the name Fall Tea Kettle; let me go straight ahead and tell you what’s so cool about this concept. Due to its transparent glass body, you can choose the strength of your brew based on visual judgment. Whilst the water is boiling and the leaves brewing, based on the color of the drink, you can easily slide up the tea strainer from the pot and maintain the strength of your tea. The kettle comes complete with its heating element at the base, and the niche at the bottom keeps the pot grounded safe on it.

Designer: Yuki Hirayama

Fall Tea Kettle by Yuki Hirayama






  • Dave Sparks says:

    Nice, I do like a cuppa. I think I saw one of these in a tea shop a while ago, although personally I’m not too fussed about the strength of my tea keeping it warm is good.

  • Bimmy says:

    Wow,It’s so cool

  • Mike Richards says:

    It’s nicely thought through, but I’d worry about the stability of the set-up when pulling the tea out of the infusion – a slight vacuum or any stickiness could result in hot tea going everywhere. Most infusers use a plunge mechanism like that on a cafetiere to squeeze water out of the leaves which would be safer.

    I use Eva Solo’s tea infuser with its neat little zip up neoprene jacket. It’s staggeringly beautiful and incredibly practical – in short – VERY Danish.

  • lisa rodriguez says:

    This is very useful and it looks HOT!!!! xD

  • lisa rodriguez says:

    This is very useful and it looks HOT!!!! xD

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