This bike stand doubles up as a storage unit for all your travel essentials!

In a day and age where everything is becoming more compact, fastpaced and dynamic, it’s important that the objects and products we use everyday support such a lifestyle as well. We need these everyday items to be easily accessible, available at the tip of our fingers. In fact, even transportation is heading towards becoming more personalized and eco-friendly, with bicycles and electric scooters taking over. For such a world, product designer Giuliano Perretto and Ventura Lab Studio joined forces to create B-spot, a super handy bike hanger.

Crafted from solid wood and sheet steel, B-spot is a wall-mounted bike stand. It comprises of a matte black panel protruding from the wall, with a layer of solid wood on top. The lower portion of the hanger is characterized by two hooks. However, the B-spot doesn’t simply hold bicycles! The black steel and solid wood panel duo can be used to hold planters, vases, your wallet, keys, and other miscellaneous items. The two little hooks can be used to hold your clothing items, caps, coats, umbrellas and more.

The hanger’s most interesting feature would be how its black panel curves in the front, forming a long rectangular slot. The slot serves as a little nook to hang your bicycle on! So once you’re done riding your bike, simply lift it up and place it within the slot. The sturdy steel structure holds your bike effortlessly.

And when you’re getting late for your early morning meetings, it’ll be a relief to find all your important belongings in one spot! Pick up your keys, wallet, coat, and your bicycle all from the same storage hanger. Within minutes you’re ready to go, without having to stumble around for all your travel essentials. The B-spot is perfect for all the modern users, who need everyday designs to be accessible, time-saving and space-efficient! The B-spot is the multipurpose hanger of the future.

Designer: Giuliano Perretto and Ventura Lab Studio