Fixies Light Up!

Yay for buttons! I’m basically in love with anything that with a switch, click, or pull can activate a system or complete a circuit. Here we’ve got a bit of a bike attached to a pole which in turn is attached to a light and a lamp that activates upon the engaging of the brake. A very simple connection executed in a really elegant manner.

As you can see the lamp is stylish. There’s no arguing that. Unless you’re a total jerk! In which case you probably don’t bicycle around anyway. So if you’re not a jerk, take a closer look and notice that this particular lamp can be extended and shortened too, and is all-around nice for your average room or your odd room. Anything ye need.

Designer: Christian Vivanco



Rem the lamp by Christian Vivanco



  • looseroots says:

    I like it. Nice concept.

  • Logan says:

    So the switch is fixed, but the lighted end is adjustable? Ok, I get that. But why a cycle brake switch? Aesthetically it’s interesting, unusual and unique. I like that.
    However, from a functionality design standpoint it’s kind of awkward. And it would be completely useless to people with arthritis, hand injuries, or any other limb issues.

  • mif991 says:

    I agree with Logan. I do like the visual and can tell there is a market for it. But calling people that have issues with the design jerks will turn people off…big time.

  • Hi Chris Burns ,
    I think this is a good idea.i like’s design is very nice….

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