The road ahead has a new (A)icon

This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show was nothing short of spectacular, once again. It showcased some of the world’s largest automotive brands, and what had people talking was Audi’s autonomous electrical vehicle Aicon.

Aicon is a vision of the world where seatbelt, steering wheels and foot pedals are not necessary anymore and the burden and hardship of driving is a thing of the past. You won’t be all alone though, thanks to Audi’s artificial intelligence PA system. Audi’s AI will be able to receive verbal commands with the addition of eye tracking and other methods of understanding the passengers better. The name of the car itself is a portmanteau of the word Icon and the abbreviation AI.

Aside from having full autonomy, the Aicon brags a 500-mile threshold on a full charge and a top speed of 80 mph. Audi’s future vision of no seatbelts or steering wheels is reliant on the heavy fitting of hundreds of sensors called ‘eyes’ – which replace the front and rear headlights – used to circumnavigate the risk of a crash or any incidences leading to harm. The eyes beautifully light up in sequence too, giving the car a much more human connection.

The Aicon rids the conventional aspects of modern day transport in favor of the luxurious and elegant comfort Audi envision the future of travel to be. With only two seats in a 4-door vehicle, the Aicon boasts of a spacious and first-class experience, ideally paired for long journeys of the rich and famous.

Designer: Audi