Baby Bowl and Spoon Creatures

Oh kawaii! Super cute! These are made for any baby that’s on the top of cute, in the head of tableware fashion! It’s the Easy Meal product line from Chicco! Designed by Continuum to be an integral part of a baby’s journey toward independence and youngpersonhood. This project includes a series of plates and cutlery based on fanciful imagery made to work between parent and child during the whole meal ordeal. Whatever works, I am sure you parents are always saying…

Made to support “the spontaneous nature of a baby’s development” – a nice way to put a completely insane time in a child’s life! The plate includes weapons in its arsenal that help in the following ways:

Method(s) for keeping the child’s food warm without danger of burning.

Tops for easy transport of Cheerios to church (or wherever else you plan on bringing them)

Rubber suction bottom (released by pulling up a foot!) for keeping the food on the table or in the mouth by keep the plate stationary and secure; this also helps the baby use silverware with a bit more ease.


All of these things are essential.

Designer: Continuum Milan

Chicco Easy Meal Product Line by Continuum Milan