A Chair Made of Rubber

Wait. Not made of rubbers. Made of rubber. And not made entirely of rubber, but the joints are made of rubber. And the skin is made of rubber. The chair is made of a regularly solid material (wood or metal of some sort), while the joints and the skin of the chair are made of rubber. You may bend and turn any way you wish, without breaking or busting. Don’t bend too far, however, as the chair has not been rendered fall-on-your-head-proof.


The design is said to have been inspired by an old grandpa’s chair that had become loose and creaky. It has character in it’s old age, and as the years have set in, so has the flexibility. This chair is for people who move around a bunch. It’s called “A Restless Chairacter.”

Check out the movie.

Shout to Heykoop!

Designer: Pepe Heykoop


  • Anonymous says:

    this looks really fun

  • Eric says:

    Love it, I want one! I always lean back in chairs like that!

  • Mark vg says:

    Nice ! looking realy funny.

    design academie right?

  • Spoon says:

    cool product. I would love to see how its fabricated. How could you market this? I would buy it for sure but with such a unique twist on a common object, I am sure the average shoppers and online buyers, would walk (scroll) right by the chair unless it was on a large display with streaming video showing the amazing-awesomeness (that a word?). I dig the simplistic look but, Could some slight form changing or creative aesthetics be added to the product to suggest its function?

    Just my ideas. Its a great product. Design on.

  • Luke says:

    I could see this being way more comfortable than a standard rigid chair, so I’d definitely be interested in having one at my desk.

    One concern, though: How durable are the joints?

  • someone says:

    As a designer who mainly design products out of rubbers, i can tell you that will be hard to be mass-produced and expensive.

  • mike says:

    what music is that on the video?

  • eakkar_84 says:


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