Coat Rack of Many Colors

Let’s pretend for a moment that you live in the same state I do. Not the same state of mind, but the same physical location in the United States of America. I live in Minnesota. It is here on this ring of Earth that we have four very distinct seasons. For at least 2 of these seasons, we’ve got no use for a coat rack.* What does the rack look like then when you have no need for it?

What does the rack look like? Well! Funny you should ask. It looks so very nice, because it is the “Symbol” designed by none other than a mister David Scott. This rack is made to take hold of those months when the coat rack’s function is nil. It’s just so pretty on it’s own. But then of course it’s got Winter mode as well. 36″ wide, holds 75 pounds, and is made in monochrome aluminum or white with anodized colors.

*Unless you’re a fancy fellow or lady and need a place to hang your hat. And sometimes people put their shoes on there if they’ve been through a puddle. Dry time!

Designer: David Scott

Symbol Coat Rack by David Scott





  • umar says:

    Beautiful colors by coast rock

  • PP says:

    The court multiplication of Shinkansen becomes it so. The design is soberer.

  • john q says:

    What function does this serve during non coat months? its just a pretty coat rack

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