The Future of… Tractors?

You been Yanko-readin’ long? If ye have, you know that we don’t get very many farm-machinery-related projects just poppin up on the regular here around the Yanko offices. But lo! Here one doth roll! It’s a future tractor. Made to not just look futuristic but to ACT like it too, this lovely bit of corn harvesting metal and wheels is a progressive little number!

Features include!: a single sheet hood. Fibre-reinforced plastic head light housings – which, by the way, are housed rather than mounted, which is a fabulous idea because tractor lights that are mounted break off basically every five minutes.

Projected grill up front, exposed engine parts, partly covered fender for driver safety. The future is the basic super-simplification of all machines based on the knowledge we’ve gleaned from the past few decades of trial and error.

And that’s your lesson on basic engineering history for today.

Designer: Vipin George

COSMIC Trac future tractor by Vipin George