The Future of… Tractors?

You been Yanko-readin’ long? If ye have, you know that we don’t get very many farm-machinery-related projects just poppin up on the regular here around the Yanko offices. But lo! Here one doth roll! It’s a future tractor. Made to not just look futuristic but to ACT like it too, this lovely bit of corn harvesting metal and wheels is a progressive little number!

Features include!: a single sheet hood. Fibre-reinforced plastic head light housings – which, by the way, are housed rather than mounted, which is a fabulous idea because tractor lights that are mounted break off basically every five minutes.

Projected grill up front, exposed engine parts, partly covered fender for driver safety. The future is the basic super-simplification of all machines based on the knowledge we’ve gleaned from the past few decades of trial and error.

And that’s your lesson on basic engineering history for today.

Designer: Vipin George

COSMIC Trac future tractor by Vipin George






  • Christian Alm&eacute says:

    Too bad the tires are backwards, now they will push the mud into the center of the tires, losing grip.

    But it looks nice.

  • Christian Almér says:

    Too bad the tires are backwards, now they will push the mud into the center of the tires, losing grip.

    But it looks nice.

  • AL says:

    comictrack?just an upgrade but lack of rollbar is another error to me,
    fiberglass not much new in plastics,
    honorem to wheels texture! what’s for? pls explain

  • Is it tractor to participate in Formula 1?

    • kevin shiendler says:

      lol…!! fail ! i agree with alex…just cheap imitation on the motor..where did you find the motor…sketchup warehouse..what should i call it..another john dearish attempt ???

  • jake says:

    shame they forgot to design a roof so it is illegal for use in the EU but y’know thats only a few million people theyve alienated as customers

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the roll-over cage?

    I have a friend that is 80% crippled because 5 tons tractor rolled over him and broke his back.

    At least a roll-over high seat.

    Looks like that you’ve never ridden a tractor in rough terrain before, have you?

  • American Made says:

    I worked my way up through engineering with Common Sense – Now, I work in the Agricultural Industry that I grew Up in – this is a Prime Example of the “Brady Bunch Syndrome” where designers are about astetics and looking good this same aero-dynamic profile has been around for years – like every one else – Where’s the safety and I gues this tractor has a reversable seat or as we call it it is a Bi-Trac that operates in both directions since the tires are on backwards – Keep trying don’t let our negatives stop you – but Tractors, Trucks, Cars – you Follow the Required Safety Standards – Improve upon them and design from the inside out – while attempting to not redesign the wheel…

  • Rhys Lloyd says:

    Yeah, this isn’t even that much of a new design. Leave the innovation in this field (no pun intended) to the professionals.

    I’ve grown up around John Deere tractors and they’ve always been quite innovative… but safety is the number 1 concern. It should always be the number one concern, then you worry about visibility, access, maintenance and everything else.

    • Rhys Lloyd says:

      And companies like John Deere actually have all those years of experience of “trial-and-error”, about 170 years of it!

      The future of tractors won’t even have cabs. They already have the technology, but today’s farmers still want cabs, so they still make tractors with them. But I’m pretty sure they already have cab-less tractor prototypes in their secret fields somewhere.

      • DaLk says:

        it’s not a cabless tractor, it’s a concept monster-trike :).

        Back to the cab, more than security, i guess it’s something about outdoor use some tend to make of tractors, having to do with rain, sun or cold, all day long… details cubicle-dwellers are generally oblivious of :).

  • Ankush Mogal says:

    it just look good but there is no other facility provided and no roof

  • Tony says:

    Wrong wheel rotation!

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