Raking Up Some Fun

Fall’s almost here and the lawn looks pretty dandy with all the leaves falling. I don’t break a sweat coz it’s not my part of the chores, but I do feel for my husband who has to do all the raking. Here’s where concepts like Power Rake can come handy. Unlike the traditional comb-n-handle ones, this one features a conveyer belt system with well-spaced teeth and a sack to catch the booty. Powered by the kinetic motion of the front wheel, the rake glides over the grass and devours all the mess.

Here’s why Rury feels his Power Rake is better than the rest:

  • Traditional Rake: leaves get clog in the teeth.
  • Electric Blower: requires electrical energy and is noisy!
  • Lawn Sweeper: ineffective in tall grass and wet leaves.
  • Power Rake: it redefines the raking process into a more efficient solution without the use of fuel or electricity.

I like it coz it takes into account back problems and heights, the handle of the rake can be adjusted according what suits the individuals. So rake away with a comfortable stance.

Designer: Rury Vizcarra

Power Rake by Rury Vizcarra







  • Confucius says:

    Nice work on the renderings, they’re sweet!

  • Art says:

    I think, would be more efficient to run the “brushes” in the opposite direction!
    fine render and concept))

  • Jon C. says:

    Hey Rury! I thought this looked familiar when I saw it. Those renderings are awesome. Hope everything is going well with you in the design field. You still around GR?

  • Elisa says:

    I want this! Well, I want this for my parents and grandmother. I’m sore from raking their yards. Though I do enjoy being paid in cookies!

  • annabelle says:

    Very cool solution. Never seen this before without fuel or electricity.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Modify it to double as a lawnmower, and I'm sold!

  • js says:

    Interesting. Where can I buy it?

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