Formula E reveals its new trophy design, inspired by the latest GEN3 racecar

Collaborating with the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship (the official motorsport world championship for EV’s), Beta Design Office has revealed the latest trophy for the Formula E series. The trophy takes on the appearance of a torch, but in fact is a call-back to the power features of the GEN3 – the third-generation Formula E car. Its circular profile is an obvious hat-tip to the wheel, referencing the spokes found on the hubs along with an overall form that represents a ‘burst of energy’.

Designer: Beta Design Office

Formula E commissioned Beta Design Office to create an iconic new trophy for the GEN3 era, with the brief being to convey electrification, speed, and movement while maintaining elegance and modernity.

Designers at Beta drew influence from components of the world’s first all-electric motorsports championship to create a trophy with 44 fins. The 22 larger fins symbolize the 22 drivers in Formula E and the 22 smaller fins represent their vehicles on the track. In conceptualizing the award, the designers took cues from automotive spokes, heat sinks and power cables, as well as elements of car body panels that evoke graceful motion.

The 1st place trophy is the largest of the three, and is colored in a deep golden, while the 2nd and 3rd trophies look identical with their similar size and silver color-finish.

“Formula E commissioned Beta to design and engineer the new trophy to coincide with the debut of Formula E’s new GEN3 race car – the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and efficient electric race car ever built”, the press release mentioned. “The first electric open wheel race car to break 200mph, the GEN3 acts like a power station on wheels, generating more than 40% of energy used in the race during the race itself, and more than doubling the regenerative capability of the previous GEN2 car to 600kW.”

The trophy debuts right in time for Formula E Season 9, which begins with the first race this Saturday 14th Jan in Mexico City.