New Play In The Playground

Teewns is a very complex age-group; in my times there were just pre-teens and teens, but given the current scenario, damn shrinks have further broken down the age-groups! Getting back to the tweens (ages 6-14); the Playnetix Tumbler devised here is a full motion play structure meant for them. It’s an attempt to get the kids off their butt and lure them away from their videogames and TV. Besides providing tons of laughs, the play action indirectly results in core fitness and much-needed physical activity. The structure constantly keeps moving and is similar to a child’s teeter-totter but a tad modified. Fixed on a spring dampened ball joint, the Tumbler has 360 degrees of rotational motion and can pivot in all directions. The beauty of this play-way is that the child is constantly moving and shifting from one end to another….quite like monkey-ing around the house!

Designer: Clifford Couvillon


  • confucius says:

    Nice idea, however I’m concerned about the elasticity of the spring mechanism. What happens when one kid pulls down on one side of the structure and lets go; does it flick back and twang the other kid on the head?

  • I think this is a great idea. I wouldn’t be worried about the issue that confucius has pointed out – a lot of physical playground things like this have their dangers, infact there are few that you’ll find that don’t have a problem like that. I guess it’s up to whoever he’s pitching to to decide whether that’s a problem or not, and nowadays it probably is a problem =[.

  • yoyoMan says:

    No germs, no pain, man I feel bad for the future gen.
    Buncha brainwashed bubble kids genetically modified to be born with helmets on their heads.. lol

    Anyway this looks cool, maybe needs to be slightly more dangerous, it looks like it would get boring really fast.

    They should seriously bring back the swings for more than one person that when propelled with enough force flipped around its axis… now THAT was fun! Exercise, team work, for a goal that spun your head around.

  • Johan says:

    Concept is cool.

    But I doubt this – in its current iteration – would even be legal in Norway, too many ways to kill a kid with this play thing. Not so much the construction itself, as I suppose it will only straighten itself and not bounce back and forth.

    The biggest problem is the thin wires and the triangular sheets attached to them. Remove those and add instead something with grips on them, attached to the construction itself. I imagine big oval balls, allowing the player to hold on to them and climb onto and between them while the whole contruction sways back and forth. These oval balls would be soft and double as padding.

    • M.S.W. says:

      Indeed get rid of the wire/robe/bungie corded triangles. They are more of a safety hazard then they are worth.

      Along with padding all the polls, invert the colors so that the majority of the polls are the super brite orange and the grab points are black. Which would make them more easily visable to kids walking near it while it is in motion.

      Those are simple upgrades 🙂

      The “weakest link” in this design is the pivot joint itself. It’s a good start but needs refinement.
      One major refinement for safety/maintaince would be to use 3 braided steel cables (in triangle formation) instead of one. This redundancy would reduce risk of injury if one cable where to snap. Also the underground post mechanism should be much further in order to more properly distribute the stresses induced by the kids at play. All issues of which can be easily resolved by an outsourced engineering firm. 😉

  • Colin says:

    It looks… so dangerous.

  • Bob says:

    Where do you buy it? What does it cost and is it available on Canada ?

  • Bob says:

    Where do you buy it? What does it cost and is it available on Canada?

  • Word wizard says:

    I agree with bob where would you buy wats the price and can you get it in canada

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