New Play In The Playground

Teewns is a very complex age-group; in my times there were just pre-teens and teens, but given the current scenario, damn shrinks have further broken down the age-groups! Getting back to the tweens (ages 6-14); the Playnetix Tumbler devised here is a full motion play structure meant for them. It’s an attempt to get the kids off their butt and lure them away from their videogames and TV. Besides providing tons of laughs, the play action indirectly results in core fitness and much-needed physical activity. The structure constantly keeps moving and is similar to a child’s teeter-totter but a tad modified. Fixed on a spring dampened ball joint, the Tumbler has 360 degrees of rotational motion and can pivot in all directions. The beauty of this play-way is that the child is constantly moving and shifting from one end to another….quite like monkey-ing around the house!

Designer: Clifford Couvillon