Curiosity Killed The Cat

If you see the Touch Intrigue on the road, wouldn’t you be tempted to just pass by and run hands on it? Intrigue, curiosity and our urge to touch, all culminate into this experimental “Touch Powered By Intrigue Concept.” A working prototype placed in a busy mall and sidewalk proved that people subconsciously are curious, and this often leads to physical interaction. These weed inspired protrusions harness energy from the touch via the use of piezo-ceramic cores molded within the stems of the product.

As these flex, a current is generated and used to light electroluminescent wire at the head of the product, providing vital user feedback. This makes “Touch” completely self-sufficient.

The most exciting aspect behind the concept is the theory, and the possibilities of a deeper understanding of human behavior have for future products and services, especially in relation to power consumption and energy sources.

Touch invites intrigue and interaction!

Touch Powered By Intrigue by Peter Dalton