Four wheels, infinite possibilities

In theory, the 900 GS AWD Hybrid Adventure Quad (yes, it’s quite a mouthful) is a quad bike, but its unique suspension makes it much more. With four wheels and what the company has termed as ‘Leaning Suspension’, the Hybrid Adventure Quad is literally made for any terrain. No matter the quality, or even the tilt, the Hybrid Adventure Quad can find its way through.

The Leaning Suspension allows the quad to lean as far as 55° while still driving. The wheels have a unique way of flexing and tilting to accommodate the lean, and each wheel can perform the leaning action individually, allowing you to drive the quad on extremely slanted terrains, bumpy roads, and even over certain obstacles, without the driver feeling so much as a bump.

Developed to mimic the way animals run, the active suspension technology developed by WESLL “initiates roll by applying a camber torque to all four wheels through center mass c.g. shift”. This lets the bike navigate through obstacles even at high speeds while still resulting in a smooth ride. Couple that with a titanium construction for the suspension system and you’ve got a bike that can take on any sort of terrain, on or off the road, in the rain, snow, mud or side hills, without breaking a sweat!

Designer: Wesll