BMW Blue Dynamics

Richard Jenkins and his Greenbird currently holds the world land speed record for a wind powered vehicle with a speed of 126.1 mph (202.9 km/h). If BMW were to get serious about the Blue Dynamics Land Yacht, I have no doubts that it would probably smash the record. With the killer combination of BMW’s “efficient dynamics” and “active hybrid” greener emmision programs; it’s hard for Blue Dynamics not to succeed.

Entry to the cockpit of the vehicle is via the elevating windscreen and the rigid sail adjusts according to the wind direction automatically or manually, through the sail control unit inside the cockpit.

I am still drooling over the sexy finish and the luxe interiors.

Designer: Stefan Radev

BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht by Stefan Radev









  • Victor Assis says:

    I suppose the idea is for it to have a rear engine… I don’t know, but isn’t the sail too long? Too heavy? Won’t the whole thing tumble in its back when you push the throttle? It looks unbalanced.

    • Steve says:

      Victor… what engine? It’s *wind* powered. *Wind*

    • kooboo says:

      You will be surprised if you watch the actual record attempt at

      first it looks more slimmer and you can see as the big odd nose counterbalances the sail

      second ITS ASYMMETRIC!!!

      • Mike Barnard says:

        Sweet! But I would have been wearing more than a helmet, gloves and jeans as protective gear going 126 mph / 205 kph in that thing (and I love speed and risk).


      • Mike Barnard says:

        Sweet! But I would have been wearing more than a helmet, gloves and jeans as protective gear going 126 mph / 205 kph in that thing (and I love speed and risk).


  • fab says:

    Such a big Thing for only one seat you can’t even use… USELESS

    • Steve says:

      fab… you’re missing the point. This isn’t a commuter vehicle, it’s to set records. This sort of machine tends to be more of a research platform/advertising gimick than to have any sort of directly useful application.

  • pthp52 says:

    it is too big to drive

  • Martin says:

    read…. land speed record…. wind powered…. rigid sail = wing…. do it!

  • ranjix says:

    While I like the thing (as I like any sailing thing), I don’t really grasp the concept. What’s the target for this, what is one supposed to do with it? “Sail” on the highway? Park it in the city? Hold it dear close to his heart? Also, the sail might work actually against the engine, in certain circumstances (when the wind is not from the side).

  • charles says:

    This … If I’m right, I will be seen. Maybe … BENZ ..

  • cra says:

    wwwaaaaay tooo heavy. any wind powered vehicle on wheels needs to be super light, lose all the fancy shit. I like the body design tho. just need to gut it out and keep it light.

  • dev says:

    cool aerodynamic concept…great speed for a wind driven vehicle

  • dev says:

    good to see big companies working for wind driven vehicle speed record..

  • The concept has a rigid sail to harness the energy of the wind, and the driver can adjust the sail from the cockpit.

  • am says:


  • Jacquelyn says:

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