It’s Alive!

This light is alive. That’s what I mean. I remember when I first realized that the terrifying glowing death orb coming to eat me when I woke up in the middle of the night was actually my Apple tower. This isn’t that! But it is alive, and it is a lamp.

The light has emotions in the following ways an I quote, “The subtle ambient lights randomly change to a natural, calming rhythm – adding life to an otherwise still environment.” And that’s what I call a living light.

But maybe I don’t know! I’m not a living lamp expert! Maybe you can be the one to discover the magic! The lamp can be set up on it’s own on a desk, mounted on a wall any number of ways, and is powered by the USB port or USB power supply adapter.

Designer: Tim Richter of Naolab

naoooooooooo 01

naoooooooooo 02

naoooooooooo 03

naoooooooooo 05

naoooooooooo 04