Power – When You Need It

Blessed with uninterrupted power supply in a city like Mumbai, its ironic that the capital city of New Delhi has to rely on invertors because of the frequent outages. Lights, fans and appliances are no longer the basics, it’s stuff like cellphones, laptops and portable devices that demand energy consumption in a average household. Addressing this need to bridge the gap of supply and consumption is the Ovia, a power reserve that illuminates and juices up devices when needed.


  • Illuminate homes with reserve power battery that charges when the electricity is running.
  • Charge cellphones and laptops with the reserve power.
  • Carry each unit independently, whether if it is to the kitchen or the bedroom.
  • Afford a unit of OVIA in homes because of its low cost to manufacture and package.
  • Access replacement parts (i.e. battery) easily.

Designer: Sophie Wijaya