A Light Up in Africa

Solar powered and good for 500 charges. First things last! Who is this product aimed at? Villagers. Impoverished or otherwise living without regular electricity. This is a light that allows people (children in school especially) read and work long after sundown where it would have been otherwise difficult to impossible.

Simple, nice.

The light is of course spelled LED and works in conjunction with a special anti-scratch coated perspex sheet. This sheet is placed on the page of the book making it possible to read in the dark.

The advanced 270mAh lithium-polymer battery provides light for 3.5 – 9 hours depending on brightness – there is a choice of high/middle/low dimming settings.

“My Reading Light” along with a slimmed down low-cost version, also in development, are expected to be available by autumn 2009. R U Down with the sheet of light?

It’s also important to mention that this particular design won an honorable mention for the 2009 Red Dot design awards. Boffo! Design: Shanghai Moma Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China (Wei Ding, Wen Gu) In-House Design: Philips Design.

Designer: Philips Design

My Reading Light by Philips Design