Alternate Reality Time Machine

Let me first say that I love pie-in-the-sky designs. Those design inspirations that have absolutely zero chance of ever being manufactured in any way, shape or form. These types of concepts serve as a great launching point for our imaginations, allowing everyone to rethink our preconceived notions of known, actual designs. Part Dick Tracy, part Minority Report and all bad-ass, this latest design exercise by Bruno Delussu is not only “inspired by Bugatti’s” Type 57, it is also vaguely inspired by actual automobiles. With absolutely no thought given to mechanical feasibility, physics, engineering or even the ability to turn(pesky details), designer Bruno Delussu has delivered a stunning interpretation of the classic streamline beauties of the 1930’s and 40’s. Calling it the “Bugatti Stratos”, the stratus is exactly where it will forever live.

Designer: Bruno Delussu


  • Shazam says:

    This looks ridiculous.

  • AlienzExist says:

    “With absolutely no thought given to mechanical feasibility, physics, engineering or even the ability to turn(pesky details)” – Yes! haha this is exactly what I was thinking. Its looks cool though…

  • A few changes and it could be built and work,and not that many really.

  • Owen White says:

    it could turn like tanks do? left side goes forward while right side goes backwards.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    It’s a shame to see that even when they don’t have to worry about physics, feasibility, etc. designers just can’t get rid of their paradigms. And saying that they were inspired by this or that is no excuse.

    The back looks ok, but the front is hideous!!

  • In trying to be “helpful” rather than acerbic (I know its a shock) I am going to quote a truly gifted auto designer and builder chip foose “build the car not the rendering”. This is 100% true, use the design as inspiration, model it, mock it up, then adjust to the realities of the road.

  • Eric Foor says:

    It doesn’t need wheels to turn if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s a representation of future flying cars!

  • DaLk says:

    this just looks like someone toyed with his mouse and went with a “hey that mouse could almost look like a car, vroom-vroom!” idea and has about the same depth, in terms of fonction (i know it’s not a concern here, but it looks really unfunctionnal) and aesthetics. Sometime, it works, but with serious work.
    Nevertheless, it could look better if front and rear wheels and wings had a common design.

  • Brennan says:

    I thought it was obvious… but it totally looks like a Morgan Aeromax linked here.

    One could easily get a base model of the Aeromax and then just… have fun pulling and pushing it here and there and stretching and shrinking here and there also… adding some scoop on either side and else where to achieve if not the same, very similar results!

  • Can KAYA says:

    looks very cool. I wanted to listen to loud music in car.and you can drive a car pissed off :)))

  • nobody says:

    for flat surface only?

    • M.S.W. says:

      The current design would only work on flat, clean surface. But as Zippy stated with some modifications this design could be made to work in the real world.

  • chris says:

    i want everyone else to buy this car! I can just drive over them in traffic

  • chris says:

    i want everyone else to buy this car! I can just drive over them in traffic

  • Mike says:

    Sick car!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No One says:

    actually turning wouldn’t be that hard. if the inside of the wheel well is domed, then the tire would have enough room to actually turn easily. Only other problem is it would need to be on a flat road, even if you got it set up to go over your average speed bump, any drastic incline (You know those parking lots that have an incline that goes up in a 30+ degree angle) and you would scrape the back of the car really bad. infact, just about any parking lot or driveway that isnt almost flat going into it you would scrape the back end. Short of redesigning it, you can’t fix that with out putting a kit that will lift the back end with the push of a button.

  • New Cars says:

    The Shape of this concept car is not so much attractive. And this car is not for our roads.

  • A machine seems fantasy. And one hundred years back our today’s machines also looked unreal

  • Jimmy C says:

    Hey! Who’s to say it can’t be real?

  • CHRIS WEST says:

    Well its happens to turn very nicely …..thank you very much..(braking and rotation) like a tank.

  • Repa says:

    It could turn with rear wheels.

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