Power-packed UMC-063 XP Zero electric motorcycle gives off jet aircraft vibes

When a motorcycle is seven years in development, the final version is bound to be special. Even more so when it is designed by Hugo Eccles who’s worked for names like Nike, TAG Heur, Ford and LG. The seasoned industrial designer now creates bespoke machines under the brand name Untitled Motorcycles, and all of them more than meet the eye.

Unlike other custom builders, his creations have factory-level finish and the UMC-063 XP Zero is no different. The bike has won 17 international design awards. It is a customized version of the Zero SR/F, retaining all the qualities of the original one while still being very different in look and feel.

Designer: United Motorcycles  and Zero Motorcycles

The British-born designer has chosen Zero Motorcycles as the technical partner for this muscular two-wheeler crafted around a tubular steel spaceframe. The retro-futuristic styling of the bike combined with the aviation undertones pretty well sums up the stunning machine’s aura.

Under the crafty bodywork the performance is in no way compromised even though it is an electric-powered racer. Just for the records the 82kW direct drive motor is fed by the 15.2 kWh battery pack. The bike churns out 110hp and 146ft-lbs of torque which promises a top speed of 124 mph and an acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. The custom motorbike gets CNC-machined aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum fork brackets, custom-machined polymer panels, ultra-futuristic tail section and bespoke Motobox custom LED lights. The level of customization is evident from the presence of 43mm Showa self-balancing forks, a Showa GK01 monoshock, unique fork covers and ultra-cool front fender.

UMC-063 XP Zero rides on 17-inch cast alloy wheels and cast alloy rims – both on the Pirelli Diablo Superbike race tires. The machine has a tubular spaceframe featuring Showa SFF-BP 43 mm self-balancing forks and a Showa GK01 monoshock. The bike is draped in “AMS-36375 ‘Ghost Grey’ experimental aircraft paint” for obvious reasons – it should feel like an aircraft jet on roads. Untitled Motorcycles UMC-063 XP Zero is now available for order with the option to tweak things even further. The pricing is based on custom-built-to-order basis, and if you already love it, now is time to head straight over to the official website.