Wear Spunky Glasses To Combat Fear

In case you don’t know what Social Phobia is, hit this link to see relevant details. For the impatient: social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the US and no, it doesn’t mean that the person suffering from it is mentally ill. All socially anxious people feel that their thoughts and fears are basically irrational. Visual Veracity Series consists of 3 pair of glasses to help such people cope with social situations that intimidate them. Each pair of glasses is designed for a specific social phobia.

The Glasses:

Visual Veracity Glasses For Social Phobia by Scott Tweeddale


The first pair use’s wide angled mirrors to allow the user to view everything around them. Through this it also aims to challenge what people perceive as acceptable in public space.



The second pair allows the user to easily ignore any form of confrontation. It also aims to subvert the idea of design to encourage social interaction but to actually discourage it.



The third and final pair deals with the fear of eating in public places. By using prism mirrors it allows the user to see only what is on their lap. It blocks out everything else from view other than that of the prism mirrors.

Designer: Scott Tweeddale