Intelligent Wristwatch Gaming

It is only every few years that a new hand-held video game system gets invented. They keep getting smaller, having better graphics, and being basically the same amount of weird and bulky to carry with. What Wilson Song was tasked with doing was making a gamer that not only utilized the best in chips for graphics, but also stored a pen, earbuds, and had the ability to become smaller for easy carrying. Peel and see!

What a pretty looking little system we have here! Wilson Song this is just what I’d be using if it were real! The “Samsung WM” has earbuds and pen that clip intuitively into the back panel, a giant screen, and the ability to be tossed on the wrist like one of those slap-bracelets from the 1980s. The controls work with new motion-capture technology and a camera in the back to see what precisely your thumbs and feet are up to.

And it’ made of gold! Or regular materials.

Designer: Wonjune Song

Samsung WM Gaming System by Wilson Song

Samsung WM Gaming System by Wilson Song

Samsung WM Gaming System by Wilson Song

Samsung WM Gaming System by Wilson Song

Samsung WM Gaming System by Wilson Song


  • matt says:

    Im a gamer and I dont even want that.

    • Hubert says:


      It’s also quite funny how all the latest concepts for portal media devices have all these fantastic looking high resolution games and videos running but as they come out and are tested for what they’re worth; they always fail to even meet half the exceptions but enough about that. I simply don’t even see how it would possible to build this.

      Nvidia would have to continue to advance to their new Ion technology. The Ion would have to also reach at least its 2nd or 3rd generation of development (We’re currently on the peak of just releasing the first gen. of the chip) for it to be capable of rendering a game like the one shown in the image.

      Tens of millions of dollars would have still be invested into building more highly condensed nano carbon tube batteries or into another technology that promises vastly larger energy charges.

      OLED or any other display technology that allows for flexibility, very low power consumption and true colour reproduction would have to still be improved on, have a cheap manufacturing process figured out and be actually attainable, let alone affordable.

      And don’t get me started on the hand full of other problems that would have to be first concurred before this shows up on shelves at Wal-Mart. Did I mention that someone has to also make games for it..

      Basically this thing is near impossible to actually make in this time and age with humanity’s current technology but maybe in 5 years it could be done.

    • Severin says:

      I completly agree. It’s nice, full of good ideas but not really usable.

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  • Just a short note to say THANKS for the nnice update, that was precisely what I was lookin for!!

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