Honda Hovercar

This was supposed to be the future! That’s what I heard. I was always told that in the future, we’d have flying cars. I’d say what happened to that, but I know what happened to that: John Mahieddine happened to that. The “Honda Fuzo” is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing concept. The Fuzo is a futuristic fantasy with four high-powered turbines for high-speed horizontal flight and Iron-Man-like handling. Cruzin in at 350 mph, two joystick control for speed, trust, and steering. Vertical spaceways for ultra-infinite possibilities.

The joysticks. Here’s how they work. There’s two joysticks, one on either side of the driver’s seat on the armrests. The left joystick “allows the car to spin on its axis,” and the right one “manages tilt and direction.”

At the floor are the normal pedals controlling power and brakes.

For safety, two things in particular:
1. Fly-by-Wire system that relies on GPS to keep cars from hitting one another.
2. Airbags that open inside AND outside of the vehicle to protect the driver, the car, and anyone in the path of the car should it get in an air-collision. (Speed Racer anyone?)

Of course, if you’re into the whole landlubber thing, you can drive on the ground with the retractable wheels (the turbines convert into these.) The vehicle is constructed of materials such as carbon fibre, Kevlar, and carbon nano-tubes. The bubble canopy allows for two passengers plus the driver, “in a very hightech comfort.”

Designer: John Mahieddine