Buoy oh Buoy

Presenting the full future of sea traffic control. This is a new kind of buoy designed by Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim, designed to be not only self-sufficient, but radio controlled. Each one of these devices is powered by EPAM, aka the undulating energy of waves. According to Lee and Kim, the EPAM is “shrunk or extended by the undulating force of the wave, such distortion of EPAM creates the electricity by induction of current drift.” How much power? Hows 5w of current per second? Enough? I think so.

These buoys prevent the colliding of ships in the night with their bright LED lights up top, using GPS signals to make an optimal environment for ships to travel. These buoys are easily tracked and controlled using RFID. Looks fabulous!

Designers: Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim