Guiding My Bike

Frustrated with the lack of cheap and efficient GPS systems for motorbikes, passionate biker Stephen Dettman was driven to conceptualize the MotoMap GPS Device for Bikes. Banking on two really exciting technologies, Powerfilm flexible solar panels and E-Ink flexible displays, to help him realize this project; Steve hopes to give us the mother of navigation devices that doesn’t limit itself to a tablet size.

The MotoMap also tackles issues like hardware mounting and lack of compatibility for most new motorcycles that no longer have round handlebars. It wraps itself around the fuel tank and the adjustable strap coupled with magnets inside the unit, secure the device into place. The detachable Map Unit of the device hosts the Powerfilm flexible solar panel on one side and the E-Ink display on the other. So when you are not using the navigation tools, you can flip over the unit and stock up on solar-juice.

E-Ink display looks to be a wise choice for this device. As the unit wraps around the tank, the images won’t get distorted when the display gets slightly curved around the corners. Moreover the glare from the sun won’t affect the visibility of the display as much. Also E-Ink doesn’t use up too much of power.

As a special treat for bikers who ride with gloves, Steve has designed the control unit’s UI in such a way that they need not remove their gloves to navigate through the map library.

Designer: Stephen Dettman