Different Kinda Aerial Tour

Love the idea of a bird’s eye view of a city and maybe this is why we have the Burj Khalifa and London Eye. To inspire creative people and get them to take in a different perspective of Prague, we have here the 0 Gravity Tour concept vehicle. Literally giving you wings to fly around town and take in the sights, the flying machine gives you an aerial view of the city. Interesting and inspiring, maybe we should all have a lofty look at life.

Designer: Riten Gojiya


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Make a 2 placer for tours or 4 placer for use.
    Awesome design, Love to sample one over Hawaii alone,
    Equip with camping gear, food for overnight camping on some lone beach.

  • Mohan says:

    great concept but whats its power source and will it be self guided or manual also you need to consider emergency procedures in-case anything goes wrong.

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