This Grasshopper Folds and Generates Electricity

Grasshopper is a foldable electric bicycle that turns into a trolley for easy transport. The use of composite materials provide rigidity and strength. The aim of the design is to satisfy those who like to bicycle in normal everyday life but live in places/cities where the configuration of the terrain is too severe (cough: hills). The target market is mainly composed of active people with environmental concerns and health concerns who live in urban centres, plus people who live nomadic lifestyles.

The  battery charges thru regenerative braking and thru stationary bicycling. Yes you read right, this bike can turn into a stationary exercise bike. Designer David Goncalves entered his design in the 2008 12th International Bicycle Design Competition winning a Merit Prize.

Designer: David Gonçalves


  • cyrman says:

    nice design… but this bicyle cannot turn !!!

    look at the front wheel and just think what happened when you turn… you fall !

  • eric says:

    definitely looks sexy and I love the integration of power-generating capabilities. however, there is no image of an actual person on this bicycle, and the proportions seem somewhat precarious, so ‘m hesitant to give it my full support

  • lauren says:

    are there actual production possibilities?

  • zippyflounder says:

    As a design its “ok” the head angle is backwards from what is normal and the whole front end looks me a rideable mule and i will believe. The use of sliding rails in the rear end, dude ever hear of grit and dirt? Sliding rails stop sliding real fast and normaly in the 1/2 postion leaving the gizmo useless. I am kinda liking the folding peddles, but the crank location in relation to the seat is BAD, veddy bad.
    The use of a single sided front fork…WHY? cause it looks cool, use a normal fork its lighter, simpler and stronger. In sum you have made the foldable bike much more complex to work with in your “look” and it should be the other way around.

    • haruspex says:

      “In sum you have made the foldable bike much more complex to work with in your ‘look’ and it should be the other way around.”

      Yanko Design: Form Beyond Function

    • suganick says:

      you obviously don’t know what your talking about, single sided forks are heavier but stronger, look it up douche

  • spaceapple says:

    Nice design, but it seems that one would need some pretty weird legs to operate those pedals…

  • Nice bicycle but as the previous comment suggest, it looks unstable when making a turn. Also, with my weight I don’t think it can support me. :}

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    this is man wak son
    yo the psp 3 sidekick is better than did
    it has more didi’s like a regular sidekick
    but it’s still of the hook. but this (the pix. above the comments) is cook but it loooks very weird and boring. my little brother had it i got it from this websites for him for his bday. as soon as he went to play with it broken i try to fix it for him i did over n over it was broken it a way u cant fix it.

  • العاب says:

    nice design… but this bicyle cannot turn !!!

    look at the front wheel and just think what happened when you turn

  • Fireplace says:

    Excellent design! Sometimes I am sorry because I was not born as artist… 🙂 They can create so beautiful things.

  • Eric says:

    I think this is awesome! Regardless of whether or not it can be mass produced by this weekend, what a great start! Sure there are kinks to work out, but should that mean we shoot the idea down for that? If we did, a lot of stuff wouldn’t get made! After all we did go from strapped on wings to private jets in less than 100 years…..

    • Eric says:

      So this is where you laugh. I’m one of those freaks who will pay more for a design if it looks cooler to me than the cookie cutter designs everyone else has. This is one of those cases. And since I’m allowed by you to claim anything, then I claim that I like this design more! 😉 I will wait for a cooler one to hit market, I have time…. Ps I didn’t see the regenerative braking system installed on your examples. I really like that feature!

      • zippyflounder says:

        ya, pay more for a “look” that wont work. I am all for good looking products that perform and this case its looks are debateable its function is very doubtful. If you going to spend your time designing something then do the research to make sure its got a hope in hell of working.

        • Eric says:

          Why does everyone take render 1.0 as final design? And sorry for having hope for this product and voicing it. At least you don’t have to worry about the updates to the design, you just have to tell them their stupid and insane. Go back to your cave, I’ll keep supporting what I like, and yes regardless of wether or not it works today. In 20 years I’ll be riding a super light rechargable transporter while you dream in your sleep about being born later in life, sorry I’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor! Wait no I’m not.

          • zippyflounder says:

            in 20 years i will be 73, thats 28 years younger then my hail and hearty mother….dont count me out

          • Eric says:

            Wow, hahaha good luck to you then, either way I’m passing you in the fast lane. 😉

          • menace3000 says:

            give it a rest ladies

  • zippyflounder says:

    well dont get all comphy in that fast lane, Paul Newamn raced in Le Mans at 70…..

    • Keith says:

      RIP, Paul Newman. I was at the last race of this year where he was supposed to be in the first position at the starting grid.

  • David says:

    Thanks for all the critical reviews, suggestions and comments

    The use of a one sided fork and the overall asymmetric look is to be able to fold the front end of the bike. Otherwise, with a “normal” fork it would just hit the frame because of the geometry i chose. Besides, if I designed a bike with a different look, why should I use a “normal” fork that every bike has?
    Regarding the rails, if I had enclosed the rails and make them sealed, people would say that it couldn’t move or wouldn’t work some other brilliant comment…., and because this is a concept, it can be hidden, in a final version. Regarding the crank position, as long as the crank is placed forward related to the seat, its acceptable, because this is not intended to race in the Giro or the Tour….its a commuter bike, electric to assist ppl when they are tired, or just not to make them sweat a lot, and again its just an idea, so relax, it will never be available for you to buy, and if it will, it’ll be with a colorful badge of a brand that makes you happy.
    Oh, and one more thing, this project is like it is because it was summer and I only managed to finish it 30 minutes before the deadline 🙂

    David Gonçalves

  • nishita says:

    when can i see such designs in the market?
    it seems as if such designs never drain out of forums & competitions & the markets still have the same old same old…. 🙁

    im talking not to the uk/us cranies 😛

    • Josh says:

      The point at which new design meets mass manufacturing is generally many generations out. Designs such as the Grasshopper seem to be conceptual works of art whose primary purposes are inspirational and artistic. Artistic visions such as this one should be welcomed and then embraced by engineers who can take inspiration and either figure out how to make it work or apply some of its concepts to workable designs.

      I posted this page and discussion of the Grasshopper on Spoke and Word at this link.

  • I get the concept; no doubt is eye-catching and interesting but in my opinion there are so many details that must be checked for the best ergonomic results.

  • Sefa says:

    Nice bike. 🙂

  • This looks great! Especially with everyone being energy and “green” conscious these days. Are they for sale anywhere?

  • Niki Nikolov says:

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