Stereovision for Real 3D Funiture!

Wait a second… isn’t that already 3D? Behold the devastating addition of 4 legs to an already-4-legged-table. Brutality! Redundancy! So many extra legs! And what’s the deal with this red and blue here? It’s a “Stereovision Table,” and it’s made for those with a sense of irony in technology. But is it the same sort of deal as using a rotary phone? Or is it just silly?

My mother and father had a rotary phone my whole life. My mother got it for cheap through a deal with a person at her workplace (she worked at the telephone company, imagine that.) It was always a little bit of extra work waiting for the wheel to turn for each number, but there it was, an enjoyable trip back to a more vintage time.

Here we have some wild optics tricks that span back centuries. The red and blue is a reference to the 3D glasses technology that’s lasted for years and years. Now it’s done! (Did you go see the movie BOLT in 3D? They used some other crazy glasses for it.)

So where’s that leave us?

With this dastardly 3D table, just chortling at us.

Designer: John Nouanesing