How Clean Is Your Bedroom Air

Respiratory disorders are on a rise and air pollution just doesn’t seem to be getting contained. Be it a metropolitan city or a comfy suburb, the quality of air is on the downslide. If you’re a worried parent like me and can’t seem to get over that persistent cough that is hounding your child, it’s best to be sure and eliminate poor air quality in the house from the list of allergens. Something like the Breathing Bud is a surefire way of analyzing how good the air quality at home is.

Designed like a pleasant bud, the device features vents at the base that take in the air for analyzing. A beaming blue bud indicates that the air in the room is of good quality, however a pink light indicates that some pronto action is required. Breathing Bud sources power from your comp via USB and transfers all data to it as well. You can utilize the relevant data to compare it with the standards that are easily available off the net.

Another use that I can think of for this device is a nightlight! Now that sounds pretty.

Designers: Xinxin Wang & Zhi Chai


  • So you get a warning, now what, open a window, put out the cigar?

    • xinxin wang says:

      Yes!Warning then advice people open the window and no smoking, because the original version is in chinese.I feel so sorry that i simplify the words when translate into english.

  • coldarchon says:

    it´s not design when I just have to use my brain to figure it out, it´s a waste of time ..

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