Using Even Shadow to Sit

As you reading about this project are more than likely human, you know how important it can be to have a nice seat to sit upon. It is because of this, and because a chair can be so simple that it’s one of the central bits of industrial design in any designer’s schooling. It is the primary challenge of any Bauhaus student in Germany to create a perfect or otherwise innovative chair. The project we’re about to look at here is not from the Bauhaus, no, in fact it’s just about as far away in form from a Bauhaus chair as a designer has ever gotten.

This is “Purposefulness of Shadow,” a seat that employs not only it’s own basic form, but the form of the shadow it has the potential to cast as well. It is in this space between the chair and its shadow that the seated person can place all of their otherwise carried items. Optical illusion made useful. Well played.

Designer: John Leung