This wormhole-inspired table lamp design makes a great addition to the interiors of every space enthusiast

Time travel, multiverse, and wormholes have been in the pop culture consciousness for the past years because of sci-fi movies, series, and books. Of course it also crosses over to other things like product concepts and design as people have become fascinated with the concept of other worlds and other times. Not only does it cause our imaginations to run wild but it also brings about some deep thinking about life and the universe. So if you have something beside you that is inspired by the idea of wormholes, it should provide not just aesthetics but also meditative thoughts.

Designer: Will Gibbons

This concept for a table lamp was inspired by the Einstein-Rosen Bridge and wormholes. The Wormhole-Modern Side Lamp uses the scientific illustrations of this idea and so the lamp is a representation of this “shortcut” in the spacetime continuum. From the lamp itself to the wire attached to it, the designer was able to create elements that support the theory and interpreted it as a transport mechanism for light, just like it’s used as a metaphor or a literal concept in sci-fi movies.

Even if you’re not familiar with wormholes and the ideas associated with it, it won’t stop you from appreciating the minimalist beauty of the lamp design. He used colorless transparent plastic and the light from the LEDs to bring about the idea of gravitational lensing. He also used multiple layers of film to coat the plastic and bring about a “multi-colored refractive light”. The electrical wire meanwhile is supposed to represent the path that an astronaut travels through the wormhole, like in the movie Interstellar.

What you get is a table lamp that can look right at home in sci-fi movies or in homes that have a futuristic and minimalist aesthetic. I wouldn’t mind having a lamp like this especially if the colorfully refracted light will help me sleep well at night or help me meditate on the meaning of life.