One Person Band

Music aficionados rejoice. The idea of having only 1 device that combines multiple instruments, track recording, equalizer, sound editing, internet connectivity, and a touchscreen interface all into one compact package is drool worthy. The Vivace makes it all possible. Information is scarce on how the interface works but I have no doubt up-and-coming artists like FrankMusik and Bjork could do a lot with such a device.

Designers: Young-Shin Lee & Hae-Jin Jung


  • Mat says:

    It’s really nice. I really like the look of the proportions of the screen aesthetically though I feel you might get frustrated that it could have been bigger if you need the space.
    Also I not 100% about the keyboard. Again, aesthetically wonderful but I would think the musician would appreciate a bit more to distinguish the keys (slight rise/low profile keys), even if only between the black and white keys?
    Besides that I think its brilliant!

    P.s FrankMusik is balls lol

  • Douglas Hall says:

    this is much more geared towards a casual producer, rather than someone seriously involved in the industry. the only reason why this would sell well is not because of what this designer has designed, but because of the software. the design aesthetics are simple and nothing new, thus the reason for the emphasis to be on the software. the aesthetics could be perfect ergonomically, but if the software can’t handle more than ten tracks, EQ well, come with hundreds of instruments, effects, VST’s, than this won’t sell. this would have an extremely difficult time even being taken seriously, much less replacing music producing software, to the kind of people you’re talking about marketing this too.

    the real and only benefit i would see to something like this is for producers that are out of their studio that have an idea and need to put it to down before they forget it.

    you have to realize, producers will ask,”why would i ignore my tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment that i can write symphonies on for something that looks like a glorified garage-sale midi-keyboard?”

    like i said, unless this can do everything software like ableton live, logic pro, reason, or acid, than it’s worthless to real producers.

    this could be a cool midi controller for dj’ing or producing rather than an “all-in-one workstation.”

  • guy sigsworth says:

    I might be interested…

  • Travis says:

    Its a very visually appealing concept. One thing I note looking at it though, I can’t imagine those keys being velocity sensitive. And no, for the full-time producer, this couldn’t supplant thier 1000s of dollars worth of other equipment. It is not however too far off from some real hardware, I.E.

    Great concept though. I like it in general

  • Diavola says:

    If this has a great battery life. This would be excellent for capturing ideas on the go.

  • papy says:

    owl city should get one that’s exactly what he needs go to youtube and look up,owl city fireflies, amazing song

  • Mandeep says:

    you should check out the open labs NEKO

  • Marq says:

    Despite how 'shiny' this looks, it seems incredibly limited for the amount of tech put into it. If you wanted a one man band on the go, grab a laptop and use one of the thousands of producing programs out there. The GUIs are simple to use, you can't 'scratch' or 'damage' the product, and you can easily get feedback from people on the internet.

    This… this is like if you took a piano, a drum, and a mixer and tried to make them as inefficient and 'fancy' looking as possible.

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