Eggy-Blob for Television President

What in the heck is this thing? Is it an egg? Is it a blob? Nay! It’s eggyblob -I mean, actually, the “Infinity Remote Control.” Designed by Damien Crossan, this remote was designed to fit a model of a possible remote 7 to 10 years from now. This remote utilized “4G” technology, lithium polymer batteries, and flexible touchscreens. And for its next trick, separation anxiety!

Whoa. Trippin out here on some futuristic fantasy. The remote receives live signal, acting as a preview for the television channels you could choose. It has channel/video/recording memory, allowing you to “take the screen with you” to different monitors around your home (or even around your world?)

And it has touchscreen technology, the blue part comes off and acts as a portable media player, etc, etc, all the normal stuff. And don’t forget, you can play Nintendo Wii with it if you want, as it takes the technology used in todays controllers and applies them…

…applies those technologies to tomorrow!

Designer: Damien Crossan


  • Thanks for posting my design guys,

    would like to hear any comments if anyone has any…

  • xxblahxx says:

    goodness! this seems so far into the future…

    like the idea though 😀

  • sears says:

    seems like a great replacement for today's universal remotes that simply have 100 buttons to do everything. this would be much simpler, choose a device; tv, dvd, stereo, etc. and the remote displays the appropriate buttons. love it

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