Sittin’ on a Pole with Cold Cathode

This thang is called the “Plof.” It’s a self-bearing structure (a sort of relaxed pole snake) with a 30mm diameter methacrylate tube containing a cold cathode lamp. The cold cathode light emits no heat, lives for 45,000 hours (aka 10 years,) and does not exceed 1000 Volts. You know what that means: big-time low volt party! Everyone party around the Plof!

The lamp is 183cm tall, 63cm wide, with a cord running out the back. Steel tube, methacrylate, and cold cathode light. The cord and the bulb disconnect from the tube for easy transport.

Designer: Yonoh


  • Carl says:

    just glare.

  • Carl says:

    The lamp lasts 10 years, but how long does the aesthetic last? 3? example think of the first ever ipod to hit the market a few years ago. how does that appeal now? oh and there is no bulb on this. a bulb is a shape of lamp. the lamp here is not bulb shaped.

  • Andy C says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with the other posts here. I really like the design and would love to have one in my apartment.

    Aesthetic is a question of individual taste – most of my furniture was designed or made in the 1950s – 1970s (being a fan of mid-century modern and ‘space age’ design) and all fashion is cyclical in nature.

    And yes, the word ‘bulb’ does refer to the shape of the original lightbulb design, but it is widely recognised today as being many shapes (such as energy saving lightbulbs which are often bent glass tubes) just like the word ‘hoover’is synonymous with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Jon says:

    i like the aesthetics however im missing a photo of the light being used, there’s no real good photo showing the lighting of the actual light, i think that would really help the design

  • Andy C says:

    Carl – I too have a Dyson but here in the UK, it is widely referred to as ‘hoovering up’ regardless of the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner.

  • luq says:

    I do not feel good to see.

  • Looks new but not so exciting 🙂

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