All-in-One Sticky Lamp with Clicker

Behold the “Sticky Lamp” by designer Chris Kabel. “1UP” (or 100%-Useful-Packaging) in full effect here with a lamp whose shade is also it’s in-store container. The sticky lamp is basically a lightbulb in a socket contained in a plastic case with an adhesive ring around it’s edge. The socket is connected to an extended power cord and a clicker.

Pick up and use.

Designer Chris Kabel’s Sticky Lamp gets basic:

This design brings a new function to packaging. The plastic which would normally be discarded has become the casing. The self-adhesive fixing offers endless possibilities. You can stick it wherever you want, on the ceiling, the door, wall or floor.

Weight : 0.35 Material PVC, 7W bulb Size 18 x 25 x 7 cm

Surely the package will open, allowing the bulb to replaced [by an LED light, of course.] And we can only dream of replaceable adhesive so that these might travel with to multiple locations.

I would buy “party lights” to work with these.

“Party lights.”

Designer: Chris Kabel