All-in-One Sticky Lamp with Clicker

Behold the “Sticky Lamp” by designer Chris Kabel. “1UP” (or 100%-Useful-Packaging) in full effect here with a lamp whose shade is also it’s in-store container. The sticky lamp is basically a lightbulb in a socket contained in a plastic case with an adhesive ring around it’s edge. The socket is connected to an extended power cord and a clicker.

Pick up and use.

Designer Chris Kabel’s Sticky Lamp gets basic:

This design brings a new function to packaging. The plastic which would normally be discarded has become the casing. The self-adhesive fixing offers endless possibilities. You can stick it wherever you want, on the ceiling, the door, wall or floor.

Weight : 0.35 Material PVC, 7W bulb Size 18 x 25 x 7 cm

Surely the package will open, allowing the bulb to replaced [by an LED light, of course.] And we can only dream of replaceable adhesive so that these might travel with to multiple locations.

I would buy “party lights” to work with these.

“Party lights.”

Designer: Chris Kabel


  • congatulation for your website, it’s amazing

  • zippyflounder says:

    so your tossing not just the light, but the cord, and the switch when the bulb burns out or is broken..not a very balanced equation at all.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I think you must have a deeply disturbed character to create things with the two following characteristics:

    1. One-time use
    2. Incandescent bulbs involved


    • MadCow says:

      3. PVC..

      I’m not an environmental nut but a designer in modern times should not even be thinking about using this material let alone have something mass produced out of it!

  • Rob says:

    An innovative solution to the generic issue of excessive packaging, and applying it to an object which tends not to suffer from this problem, and in one of the most environmentally unfriendly materials possible.
    In terms of design (v. briefly), there isn’t much protection against impact to the bulb, and the lead trailing loosely down the wall looks pretty messy/ dangerous… but why would you want to glue a lamp against the wall anyway?
    From this stage of the design, I think most people would opt for a standard table/ freestanding lamp (packaging not included at point of sale).
    Despite this, the desire to minimise packaging and material waste is worthwhile. Perhaps the design of this light should have been taken from the opposite perspective. Could have potential after some major revision.
    Rob (freelance prod des for last 15 years)

  • Eric says:

    Ya, can’t say this would be very useful for me.

  • Carl says:

    Packaging used with the product is flawed because one of its purposes is to take any knocks/scuffs whilst protecting the product. who would buy one of these off the shelf when its damaged. plus it looks from the 90’s

    finally the people in it look deeply disturbed, is this lighting for a mental home? is that is does it protect the lamp from mentalists??

  • May I says:

    Dear all, you’ve got it terribly wrong:

    1 Sticky Lamp is not about lamp packaging (a cardboard box is fine for that) it is about getting light where you want, instantly…

    2 The lamp IS replacable and originally designed for an energy saving lamp. It is sold without a lamp BTW

    3 It is repositionable with a new piece of dual sided adhesive tape

    • MadCow says:

      double sided tape?! ah… the sister of the almighty duct tape! of course what design solution can live without it..

    • Rob says:

      ¨Sticky Lamp is not about lamp packaging¨… which kind of goes against the concept of 100% useful packaging stated in the product description… the plastic has become the casing!! The lamp which is also it’s in-store container (which is then sold inside a cardboard box, thereby defeating the object of bringing a new function to packaging). Shame, as that is an interesting aspect to the design parameters.
      Being able to reposition the lamp where you want is fine (if you have OCD, otherwise why?), although having to replace the tape, and scrape the old tape off the wall, is a major flaw. Materials and functionality really do need a rethink 🙂
      There is potential here for something unique, but it hasn’t been developed to a good marketable stage, yet…

      • Cas says:

        Okay, i have 3 of these lamps in my home! The packaging is the “lampshade” You stick it to the wall.
        You can open the packaging-shade-thing to replace the bulb!! And put it back together.
        So you have the flat backside what sticks to the wall. On that part you can pop the front on!
        There is a light-bulb included of 15 watt, which is replaceble!
        They warn you in the manual, Please be sure where to stick your sticky lamp, if it’s stuck you CAN’T remove it! You can, but not easy…)
        So be sure your near a powersocket.
        I have them above my bed and just love them!

  • Hannah says:

    They make me think of little fried eggs. I love it! These would be awesome if they came in a range of colored packaging as well.

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