No Walls, Only Partitions

Without compromising on privacy, the 4sides4home is an amazing interior option for those who have small apartments and even smaller families. The concept utilizes the given floor space optimally by doing away with the walls and incorporating partitions instead. Imagine a huge + (plus sign) on the floorplan where each wing is a specific room. What you design or expect from the modular room is up to you. For instance the four wings could each be a living room, a bedroom, a study and a dining room.

One of the objectives behind creating the 4sides4home was to keep electrical networks to the minimum. Additionally the plan also wants to create an environment that is conducive to easy WiFi streaming; this seems to be of prime importance to gadget-freak yuppies!

Designer: Studio Stanta


  • leon says:

    great idea

  • Mr.Floppy says:

    Love it.

  • Keith says:

    Awesome, now after finishing a day of working in a cubicle, I can sit and relax in my home cubicle. I’m sorry , but cubicles must die. “Without compromising on privacy,” how do you figure? Just because you can’t see the person doesn’t mean it is private. Privacy includes noise.

  • Keith says:

    On the plus side, it will keep couples from spontaneously having a second child unless it is within 2 years of the first. Wait, is that a plus?

  • drjones7816 says:

    i think its a fun and interesting idea.. but when that is said i dont see the real potential, who would really want this?

  • chuck says:

    kitchen ?

  • John Q says:

    i think this is a great concept, but would be hard to adapt to most residential homes. This would be great if you have a large studio apartment though. Also, what about electricity?

  • Andrej Stanta says:

    This concept would fit into min. 30 square meters room with installed kitchen and separated bathroom.

    Electricity is provided from the top (ceeling) or from the ground with a plug.

    Thank you for all your comments and thank you yankodesign for publishing this,


  • Carl says:

    nice renderings, could use you on my site

  • Qwertz says:

    It isn’t suitable for home use at all! It should be for offices, fairs and such. Good idea, bad product!

  • I saw this a while ago, thought about it a bit and found that it may be the perfect solution to the space issues involved in circular houses ( yurts ).

  • Thanks for finally writing about >4sides4home Modular Rooms by Studio Stanjta
    Yanko Design <Liked it!

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