Sit on It, Serralunga!

Well, what’ve we got here? A versatile little seat contraption eh? Yeah, yeah, that’s what it is. Wait! It’s also a planter! Wait! It’s also a side-table, as they call them. This is exactly the octohedron I’ve been searching for all my furniture-seeking life. Isn’t a strange corner we turn around when at first we seek out a seat for our very own?

Check the pics. Not too shabby. Very much a rounded sort of character. Not one to worry about bumping ones head on. And do be sure to note the color choices!

Type: System of vase, pouf, side-table
Technology: rotation moulding
Year: 2009
Size: 71 x 79 x h32 cm

Oh I just remembered this can also be used as a container. Will it ever stop? These are made of plastic, and I don’t know that they’ve been put into production yet, but I imagine that if you buy them one at a time, they ‘d perhaps come with a flippable cover and cushion, or “pouf” as the AquiliAlberg crew puts it. Sit on it!

Designer: AquiliAlberg


  • Annette says:

    These would be an excellent choice for stylish in-clubs and bars.

    Either stack them in the corner, make them look like a piece of art to make more room when it’s crowded or provide stylish, easy movable seating opportunities during lesser crowded times. And you get matching plantpots, too.

    I like it. I like it very much!

  • MATT says:

    LOVE THESE!!!! Wish I could see ’em in a context rendering to show better scale. At first I thought they were the size of pebbles (which would also be cool), but when I realized they were furniture size, I loved them more. Nice work!!!

  • Confucius says:

    nice design good concept. V Nice

  • KwangErn says:

    Sweet! Totally love the design and concept!

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