Bedroom in a box

Everything is more convenient when delivered in an all-inclusive box. the Bento Box, the Happy Meal by McDonalds, the iPhone, and now a bedroom. The “Casulo” by designers Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser is a neatly packed box with an entire bedroom suite ready to go. No tools needed and minor assembly required for this IKEA worthy design. The use of styrofoam packing materials has been completely eliminated making this (unofficially) a “Green” product by design. My knee-jerk reaction upon seeing this impressive packing job, had me imagining Wile E. Coyote ordering an entire bedroom from ACME in another misguided attempt to lure the Roadrunner into a trap.

Designer: Marcel Krings & Sebastian Muhlhauser [ Via: TreeHugger ]


  • Trey says:

    This looks great for musicians on the road who aren’t backed by a major label. Instead of a 5-man band getting 2 motel rooms each night, get 1 and push beds around to make space, then unfold the cots that come in these. Leave the other items ready to be repacked in a flash in the morning, then back in the van with the gear it goes. Members eat breakfast for once because they didn’t get the second room, and the tour goes on.

  • Chris says:

    For a Chef/cook moving every 6-12 months… Perfect…

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