Stack Books in your Grandfather

He wont mind. Often in history, mashing two things together, furniture pieces, silverware, counties, anime characters, has been the good idea. No exception here. My grandmother has a grandfather clock that’s worked since the 1950’s – but not for carrying books n’ stuff. This new design, the P-Bookshelf, still has the clock, has new shelves, looks modern and could have the same method of distribution if it wanted…

Distribution of my grandmother’s grandfather clock went as thus: see the ad in a tin of oats, send in the order form and some amount of money through the post office, and receive the whole clock via the post. You put it together yourself. A grandfather clock!

This P-Bookshelf doesn’t look to complicated for that, ya think? Even if not, it’s pretty, isn’t it? I’d use one fo-sho. Designer Yar Rassadin with the flavor.

Designer: Yar Rassadin