Can A USB Drive Be Sexy?

Ask Charles Wood of Worrell Design and he’ll say hell yes! TDK Trans-it Edge makes other USB sticks look like fashion rejects. Given that storage devices are seen as a impulse purchase, the packaging was as important as the drive itself. With this in mind he designed the packaging simultaneously with the drive.

His approach was to look at the product for what it was, a storage device that preserves and protects data. The design was driven by those two words; preservation and protection. To achieve the look of preservation he gave a timeless, high end quality to the design with choice raw materials by using brushed metal. He then wrapped that metal around the softer interior, providing protection. There’s a blue LED to indicate when the Trans-it-Edge is plugged in and if you think esoterically – that evokes a sense of calmness.

Designer: Charles Wood of Worrell Design