iPhone Keyboard Case

The Fliptype iPhone case allows users to not only see the keys they are typing, but feel them as well! The translucent, tactile keyboard provides an additional sensory element to typing that users transitioning from Blackberry (or maybe just those with big fingers!) will appreciate. The flippable typing strap can also be easily tucked away at the back of the case when not in use.

Designer: NOS

FlipType | Iphone flexible and translucent keyboard case. from NOS Design on Vimeo.


  • Tom says:

    Will the magnet not be on the opposite pole when flipped?

  • Anoush Mortazavi says:

    Hahahaha tom makes a good point, that seems to be a massive design flaw. Also, won’t the magnet destroy the electronics inside the phone?

  • Sean says:

    There is a metal plate and one magnet so the poles don’t matter. If it were two magnets then yes.

    The only thing the magnet will interfere with inside the phone is the compass which is used in Maps or GPS apps.

    I like the design and rapid prototype model you made!

  • Cody says:

    The magnet part is on the phone, while the piece that flips at the end of the keyboard is just a piece of metal (no polarity) so the orientation of the magnet doesn’t matter.

  • Maryline says:

    At first I thought, the magnet might damaged the phone, but after doing some research Sean you are right, it will only affect the compass. The designer needs to do more research on that.
    other than that I think it’s a great idea. I’d buy if I had an iphone.

  • Hunter says:

    No, but it would put it to sleep.

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