I Know What Yanko Needs : More Crane

I know from your comments that you’ve been wanting more Crane Content for a while now, and I know it’s high time to alleviate your hankering for more Crane Content. So here it is. If there’s one crane you’re gonna own in your lifetime, make it this one. The “Optim Crane Cab” by Artemy Lebedev and crew. It’s made for single- and double-beam 125-tonnes capacity cranes.

Don’t hesitate.

A massive list of people were called upon to make this amazing crane. What was focused on was the crane cab. The crane cab is optimized for frame and bridge cranes. If I had a nickel for every different kind of crane cab they came up with, well, I’d have at least a dollar or more. See below! And if you’ve got some crane knowledge or criticism to drop on us, do what the crane does, and drop it on us.

Everyone who worked on this project:

artistic director
Artemy Lebedev

art director
Timur Burbayev

industrial designers
Alexei Sharshakov
Maxim Chaschin
Maxim Shkinder
Benoit Patoureaux

Alexander Pozdeyev
Yevgenia Yeremeyeva

Dmitry Dolgikh

Vera Dorofeyeva

Cranes is serious business.

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio


  • Doing commercial industrial products are far from easy, no hand waving and you have to have not only the ergonomics right but a produce able solution. I say well done.

  • Spoon says:

    I second that notion zippyflounder. Its not an easy task. Refreshing to see some quality sketches up as well. Love the solution.

  • pier3n says:

    I love this kind of industrial design : realistic, ergonomy, economy, easy production…

    For me it’s the most interesting aspect of design, i’m happy to see some on Yanko !

  • Canastrophy says:

    What about, a remote unit to steer this awesome thing?

  • Chung Dha says:

    But how do he get in and out and how does the person get down?

    • Cromagnum says:

      Note the door at the rear of the cab, (3rd illus) and the ladder up to the bridge (4th illus)

      I presume there is a pathway from the bridge to ground somehere in the building structure, safely away from the electric rails.

  • Cromagnum says:

    Uplifting post, I was hooked at first sight.

    Make a crane cab better, some ramblings:

    1) Operator
    a) Heads Up Display (HUD) Show the stats etc for crane use on the window, Also has motion/infrared sensing.
    b) The windows should all tilt down (Top is further from operator than bottom) This makes easier cleaning in dusty environment. Looking ‘up’ is not (usually) critical for gantry crane operators.
    c) Laser pointers and range finders. These might be invisible or not for floor attendants, but make for easier use and training for operators.
    d) closed circuit recording from operator’s perspective. With black-box ½ hour memory in case of an accident. Also useful for training.
    e) a method for the crane operator to warn some idjit to get out of harms way. Quickly. Not just a horn, but a better way. Maybe a pullhorn, maybe a spotlight. Might be a computerized system that detects a collision before occurring, and rapidly pops into action.

    2) Floor Attendants
    A simple visual cue system (illuminated) that shows the next action of the crane operator. Eg UP arrow when hook is rising, sideways arrow when bridge is moving. Can place this system inside of the glass cage for easy use, and keep it clean.

    Related, but not cab
    A separate storage of rigging components, that drops down from the bridge for easy use. That way it doesn’t get lost or damaged. And saves time making seperate runs for these.

  • MadCow says:

    those are some awesome renderings, sketches, presentations. now.. time to cop your style!

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