High Tech Crosswalks

School Zone is a concept crosswalk designed specifically for school zones but has amazing potential for other uses. The system changes several key elements to existing crosswalks promising safety for both pedestrians and drivers.

School Zone comes in a series of elevated slabs to fit any length road. The raised level ensures drivers see children as they cross and also acts as a speed bump forcing them to slow down or risk damaging their vehicles. The elevation also has an added benefit since it meets the exact height of the curb – wheelchairs can cross with ease.

Each slab has a set of illuminated LEDs that work in tandem to direct foot traffic. They time themselves to pre-existing crosswalk signals and turn off one by one indicating time is running out. The system can also run independently if  no crosswalk exists.

The prefabricated nature of the system means it can be manufactured to the highest of standards and installed anywhere. You can take it a step further and create temporary crosswalks for special events like concerts and outdoor festivals.

Designer: Seungkyun Woo