Sony x Honda E-Volve concept evolves with the riders skill level and preferred driving modes

Honda has struck a deal with Sony to create new mobility services to optimize the way consumers interact with future vehicles for a balance between manufacturing and functionality.

Now that the two Japanese heavyweights have already revealed a prototype electric sedan under the brand name Afeela, as a result of this long-running partnership, should the two-wheelers not also get the rubbing-off treatment?

Designer: Jennifer Ellison

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A motorbike with the same exploits as the four-wheeled counterparts for a unified approach towards sensible mobility. This electric concept bike is exactly what a Honda-Sony partnership would result in, and it’s aptly dubbed SonyxHonda E-Volve. The core idea of the design is freedom in style, to grow and have the flexibility that Gen-Z craves. This electric motorcycle built on a light, compact frame has a wide range of modules that can be interchanged whenever desired for real-time needs.

What’s more intriguing is the ability of the bike frame that’s initially purchased to be displayed in their homes during seasons when biking is not such a good idea. Extreme winters and monsoons for instance. The barebone frame can be fitted with the required modules focused on either style, performance, agility or both. Users can either choose the E-Volve to be a café racer or a sports racer depending on what the driving conditions are or the skill level of the rider.

The wheels on the electric bike can be customized to have a hydraulically controlled independent suspension system controlled by a dedicated motor on the inside. This gives superior ride comfort and the ability to tweak the resultant pressure level on the wheels. According to the designer, the companion app helps the rider in setting the skill level of riding so that precise recommendations can be made on upgrading the hardware. This way you only drive a bike that’s tailored for your permissible limits and nothing more for road safety.