E’mo, No Not That Kind

Unlike the ubiquitous Emo culture – this lightweight all electric cart called the E’mo is a lot cooler to be seen with around town. It’s extremely lightweight (325 kg) with a fold down top for hair raising driving; good weather permitting of course. A series of Li-on batteries powers the tiny electric motor propelling you at 80 km/h at top speeds. Want one? Gotta live in Europe with 10,000 Euros in the bank.

Basic specifications:


  • Lightweight three-seater electrically–driven car with Li-Ion batteries
  • Weight ready for the road: 325 kg
  • Working load: 275 kg
  • Range: 100km
  • Maximum speed: 80 km/h
  • Energy consumption: about 8kWh/100km, equates the energy equivalent of approx. 1 liter of petrol
  • Target selling price: CHF 15’000 / EUR 10’000


Designer: StauffacherBenz Studio [ Product Page ]