Are You Cuckoo for Nooka Fluff?

What we have here is a cute little watch. It is flexible rubber, digital, and is basically an arm-cuckoo clock. Kind of like a Rodger Rabbit sort of thing. More fantastic work from the folks at Nooka, right? Actually, not affiliated. Inspired by! Hannes Grebin submitted this to us (and half a dozen other design blogs) and I’m sure it’s about to blow up! Rightfully so?

*Blow up on the internets, I mean. I’m sure it works just fine. Have no fear! lol.

EDIT: Let me make CLEAR that this watch has NO REAL affiliation with NOOKA

Grebin has this to say about his watch:

Nooka Cuckoo is a watch concept which puts an end to the many failed attempts to translate analog chronographic displays into the digital age – it is German “Gemutlichkeit” for the wrist, literally brought to you from a plastic, candy-coloured Black Forest.

I know some of you folks are down on the “slap on an Apple symbol and call it good” train of thought, so what do you think of this? Appropriate? Necessary?

P.S. the watch! Would you wear it? It sort of walks the line between young adult and fashion-sensitive-hipster / scenester. Let Grebin know who should wear it here, or visit his site and give him a call.

Designer: Hannes Grebin